Esthetics and conservation


A composite is a white material used to fill in or reconstruct teeth.
This is applied directly to the tooth restoring its functionality and aesthetics. There is a wide range of colours so matching one’s natural tooth colour poses no problems with the final cosmetic appearance.


Is a chemical process to whiten stained or discoloured teeth, by using hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) in various presentations. We advise that certain of these processes be done in-clinic due to the concentrations of the hydrogen peroxide used. Other methods exist which can be personally administered at home but this depends on the number of teeth involved. Whatever method is right for you will be decided after joint consultation.


A fine shell of porcelain is used to replace, worn, damaged or absent enamel on the visible side of a tooth. Significant modifications in colour and/or shape can be achieved, at the same time protecting the tooth. It is preferable to reface a live tooth without having to treat the root.